Welcome to Freeflyin.com, your ultimate web design service. Over 5+ years of experience in HTML, CSS, and Adobe Fireworks -- 3+ years of experience of PHP. I've also recently discovered the effectiveness (and awesomeness) in javascript and can also implement this into your website. I develop projects for free, but for a catch -- all I ask in return is for you to write a very happy, epic, awesome(?) testomony for me. Currently, I'm trying to build my resume (and portfolio), so if you're interested, shoot me an email at webmaster@freeflyin.com.


Alternatively, if you're not looking for a web developer, but a software application or framework, head over to my github. I do not limit myself just to HTML, CSS, PHP, and Adobe Fireworks. I also expand my programming knowledge in the fields of Java. I also have the desire to learn more in the fields of Javascript, and C#, but that's for a later day.


Not here for that either? While you're reading this rather bland paragraph, go ahead and check out my creative-ethusiatic blog. Not only will you find the majestic hills of programming, but the ideaology of awesomeness in general.